Why is there not as much innovation coming from leading tech companies anymore?

In this dominating technology world, people often use to prefer for the new technology from the innovators. We all know that the technologies in recent past years stand tall among the other process. In the name of technology, we always prefer in a smart way of work. Technologies are considering as a quick work. One must know that it has the potential to dominate the world at any time. However, we should be aware of that the technology also has the negative shades. I love the outdoors, specifically surfing, hiking, and snowboarding. Snowboarding is my favorite sport because I grew up in the mountains of Idaho. Many people think Idaho is only known for its potatoes. We have a lot more things to do here than eat potatoes all day long. Boise State is our favorite university and everyone wants to enroll there. Anyway, let’s talk about innovation with technology…

Rising of innovation

Innovation is the processes that always use to bring out the creativeness in all aspects. We all know that people across the world are always expecting the system should works innovative. The innovation started to bring in front of individuals a few decades ago. At the starting point of the process, everyone where happily welcome the new generation technology to the world. From that time to this current stage you can see the massive changes occur globally. It is considering as one of the biggest milestones that innovators have achieves so far. On the other side, the questions are raising that, why the innovation as becoming reduces from the leading tech companies across worldwide.

Tech companies

Millions of companies have started for the past decade globally. We could see the massive rise in the technology as well. There are many leading companies across the world building their innovative product and brings out in front of people. Once it is accepted, the structure of the product and the process will rise, or there is a chance to fall miserably. So choosing the creative path and execution is the main part plays the vital role in this technology domination world.


Each and every company will keep on noting the thing which is better and down when comparing to each other. This kind of competition will bring more success party and more innovation for the people from the companies anytime. If one leading company introduces their new product to the world, on the other side, the competitor will plan to build more features for their product. So always the official statistics will be maintaining almost in all the tech companies. We could see now that where our technologies have reaches a peak. One will feel that without the technology there is nothing to do.

Reduction of Innovation

In the recent trends, people often use to buy latest technology phones to bring earth near. Yes, it is the technology, but the innovation from the tech markets and companies has risen? No. You can see that almost all of the recent mobile phones users start to feel uninteresting with the same features available in the entire different company products. Nowadays people expecting more innovations and features which should be distinct from each other. We know the technology sits at peak level, but once the same formula throw on various named products will face the fail. It is the main reason where the leading tech companies have starts to lose the project. One should understand that bringing back the power to the same position will work only with innovations. I believe that everyone is thinking too specific when it comes to innovation. Nobody is thinking outside of the box. Tech start-ups are more concerned with gaining investors and funding capital for their new business rather than creating something people will enjoy. They rather concentrate on fundraising than on getting sales, they rather focus on getting rich than truly innovating for something that will stand out. Out here in Idaho for example, we love to ski and snowboard during the cold season. There are many improvements that could be made with gear that we use for our sport. Our cabins and condos in the mountains could use some improvements as well. The truth is though that people want to start a tech start up to become the next Facebook, they’re trying to take someone else’s dream. People aren’t focusing on their passions and it’s costing them. The iPhone was handed down to Job’s successor, Tim Cook. He doesn’t know what he is doing. He is just upgrading the iPhone, not creating. He’s trying to break even rather than risking it all. It’s because it wasn’t his “baby” to begin with. There are many other business ideas that could be invented. The iPhone is already taken Tim, it’s time to find something else. Nothing new has been created since Job passed away except for Tim Cook’s stupid stylus for the iPad that he called the Apple Pencil, what a scam! Last year I went to Austin for SXSW and I loved hearing Gary Vaynerchuk speak, that guy knows what he’s talking about. I heard of companies trying to become the “Uber of fill in the blank”. It’s a great start for any type of business.

Uber doesn’t own any vehicles so they save money on overhead costs such as Airbnb for places to stay during trips and vacations. There was a new company called ATX Phone Repair and I happened to speak to the founder because he wants to expand to other areas. He’ll have to change his brand name though. They’re trying the Uber of iPhone Repairs because Apple hasn’t figured out how to keep their phones from cracking so easily(they need to continue making money somehow I guess). I also met a founder for the Uber of local lawn care services. It was called UmowApp and the founder was an extremely polite person. I’ll definitely go to SXSW this year as well. I just hope that these new founders have something better to offer the world besides another ridesharing app or service similar to Favor. We’ll just have to wait and see. You can visit the site for the ATX Phone Repair founder’s site at atxphonerepair.com. Also, I don’t actually remember the site for the other companies I was talking about, like the lawn care, but he shouldn’ be hard to find. I hope there are some good speakers this time. Gary Vaynerchuk never disappoints, but we need some more people to inspire us. There is a new kid on the block named Caleb Maddix that I’d like to talk about. He is truly extraordinaire at what he does and at such a young age. I’ll have to make it entirely into a new post. I also want to speak about my favorite snowboarding athlete, Shaun White and what he’s been up to these days. I follow Shaun White ever since I fell in love with snowboarding in Idaho. I’ll write soon…

Is Apple iPhone still the leader of the Smartphone industry?

I talked about technology in the last post and wanted to go more in depth with something that everyone is familiar with, the Apple iPhone.

The iPhone was the leader in the smartphone industry, in fact it created it. Now, it seems that Apple has been falling off a bit, but barely still in the lead. Some would say it’s not in the lead anymore, we’ll see eventually.

The Apple iPhone has the large users across worldwide. The Smartphone’s global market has the leading selling phones among the other brands one Smartphone is the Apple iPhone, and other is Samsung. According to the recent report from the primary source, the Smartphone’s users across the world are almost 2.1 billion. It is massive when compared to the previous set of years. But the question is which Smartphone industry in the phone world leads the show. Many users despite using regular phones, they try to use always leading Smartphones.

Best Smartphone industries

We all know that many manufacturers are introducing a lot of updated model Smartphones for the users. Especially when comes to Samsung series, and you can expect a huge number of models for users. Thus the features of Samsung also have the potential to become the leading industry. On the other side, iPhone has the huge followers since the phone shows the presence in the Smartphone world. This phone has the great features like security, high definition camera and much more. One must know that the iPhone users are buying the phone because of the unusual structure and the camera.

Business Statistics

One should be aware of that the Smartphone industries trying to boost their users by providing several features. You can expect the Smartphone service on 2020, up to 5 billion users which is very huge. According to the report, there were more than 700 million of users for the iPhone. People can expect big since the launch of iPhone 7, 7 plus. On the other hand, Samsung hits the global market by launching phones with great features. When compared to iPhone, people can buy Samsung for an affordable price. But recently, Samsung Note 7 faces the issue for the bursting case. Almost all galaxy note 7 has been sent back to fix the problem. During that time, the industry had suffered the loss of this issue in the year of 2016.

Similar features hits the iPhone down

The iPhone users filed a lot of complaints regarding the features. The features of previous and latest models like iPhone 7 and 7 plus include similar features except one or two. Despite few drawbacks in iPhone series, it is doing a massive business at the mobile market.

Leading industry in the Smartphone world

The Apple iPhone is the best selling Smartphone in the US according to the recent report. The models like iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 hits the huge business. On the other side, top Smartphone industry doing extraordinary business all over the world except the US. It stands next to the iPhone when comes to the US. On comparison of all Smartphones, Samsung is the only industry which is leading ahead of iPhone with massive turnover. As per the official information, Apple industry is highly focusing on upcoming model iPhone 8 with great features. Thus the iPhone industry expecting that, it will create magic in the Smartphone world.


How Technology Is Changing Web Experience

Each and every morning I wake up, the first thing I do is hit snooze on my iPhone’s screen. After a few more 5 or 10 snooze cycles of snooze, I check my emails, Facebook and text messages while still on bed.

Later on as I sip on my coffee, I take my time and read the Wall Street Journal on my iPad.

By my approximate count, in less than 30 minutes from waking up, I have already interacted with up to 6 different forms of technology. This is pretty much the same for businesses too.

Google and the SEO World

Google is undoubtedly the world’s most sophisticated phone book as at now. Whereas a phone book was initially limited to providing information about a company’s name, address and phone number, Google will answer virtually any question we feed to it.

On the same note, Search engines have also significantly transformed the marketing industry. It is now crucial for SEO to become an integral part of the marketing strategy if a business aims at becoming the destination for the more than the 40,000 search queries Google can processes in seconds.

Improved Security is Impacting Customer Trust

An average US firm suffers an approximate total loss of over $15 million annually from cyber attackers. However, technology is impacting virtually every step of marketing to an increasingly tech-savvy consumer. A company really needs to assess all of the marketing advantages and disadvantages associated with any tech upgrade or downgrade.

Social Media Has Changed Web Design

Today, Brands are refocusing their content to appeal to more impulsive user behavior. It is common for people to find a lot of their content in Facebook and other social media sites.

We must understand that Social media is not dying anytime soon. It will continue to changing our web experience for many years to come.